Application Development and Maintenance

Application Management and Support

Application Management and Support

Maintenance and Support of existing applications continues to be one of the biggest challenges of every organization and one of the most expensive ones. We begin with a detailed analysis of your current application inventory then recommend SLA-baed solutions to deliver savings and increase efficiency. We give you the driver’s wheel while we handle everything behind the scenes with our Service Manager.

Benefits derived from an AMS Service:

  • Knowing the real effort and investment required on day one to operate the entire portfolio of applications for your business.
  • Understanding which areas of your business require more maintenance and enhancements than others and provide transparency on the chargeback.
  • Generate awareness on your organization to identify what is really critical and what is not.
  • The evolution of the application portfolio is always visible. You can determine when to sunset an application, when to retire or when to merge.
  • Access to real mechanisms to evaluate and improve the application service being provided to your business users, thru SLAs and metrics.

Agile Application Development

Agile Application Development

As a strategic outsourcing development partner, we will work with you in an agile approach, with a true flexible vision, building the requirement together as we iterate every 2 weeks. And if you need to, we can make your application mobile ready and cloud ready, fully integrated with your back office.

We work every day tailoring our AMMi methodology to an agile, DAD or iterative cycle, providing stability and a proven baseline. When necessary, we adapt to our customer methodology or run with a full agile scrum method.

Benefits of Outsourcing an Application Development Service:

  • Access to an existing framework of development that jump starts the project and provides best practices fully integrated.
  • Consulting with a partner that can help you to visualize not just features but how the overall application will fit into your current enterprise digital architecture, and align with future challenges and growing business requirements.
  • Access to unique skills and profiles that in most cases have already worked on something similar, just as complex, in this specific process and/or technology, increasing effectiveness, ability to consult with your users and minimizing probability of failure.
  • Keep your development near shore to assure full governance capability.

Application Migration to Cloud

Application Migration To Cloud

Cloud computing is a delivery model that enables convenient access on demand to a set of shared computing services and capabilities such as networks, servers, applications and other services which can be virtually allocated and released with minimal effort and interaction with the administrator or provider.

Most common concerns about this service:

  • What can I do with my existing applications? How do I migrate them to the Cloud?
  • Will I be able to migrate all of them? And those I can’t move, how do I manage them?
  • Does my current application technology platform matter when it comes to migrating to Cloud? (x86, SPARC, RISC, etc.), and do my operating system type matters? (LINUX, Windows, etc.)
  • What virtualization platforms are available and which ones should or could use?
  • How do I integrate a public cloud with what I have in my data center?
  • Does this mean now I have to manage twice as much scope?
  • Which Cloud should I use? Amazon? Azure? Google? Triara? What is Openstack? If my people do not know about Cloud Computing, who will manage it?


Telvista IT will solve them for you

Testing & QA

Testing and QA

Software Quality as a service has evolved from manual to automatic and from iterative to agile in most fronts in the application area.

We have just the right size for your business and through a proprietary testing methodology, and the flexibility to provide process, practice and resources that adapt to your specific level of maturity, we can work together to prevent quality issues and assure it in the long run.

Benefits derived from a QA and Testing Service:

  • Outsourcing the quality control of the applications will help you increase your coverage at a more competitive cost.
  • A dedicated QA team and strategy will aim to prevent the issues in production, optimizing your application investment.
  • Quality done right provides the organization with a higher level of satisfaction and increases collaboration between technology and business.
  • You are looking beyond the release date to guarantee the quality level of the application in the long run, which will be provided by qualified dedicated testing resources with the experience to set up a test strategy with that goal in mind.
  • ROI on the right quality strategy will be generated through automation based on open source tools and an agile approach easy to maintain artifacts.
  • Keeping your testing capabilities outsourced near shore gives you control and risk mitigation all in one solution.