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Customer Care and Consumer Affairs

Telvista understands the crucial role your care operation plays in maintaining and growing loyal relationships between you and your customers. As your customer care partner, we handle each and every customer interaction with the kind of quality that breeds customer loyalty, protects your brand, and ultimately ensures long-term success and profit.

Our best practices begin with our hiring process. Selecting the right talent to support your customers establishes a solid foundation to meet your business objectives. We partner with you by aligning with your brand strategy and goals to proactively deliver insights on your customer’s feedback, expectations and conversations. Last, but not least, we provide a seamless experience between channels to provide a single, consistent experience.

Telvista handles a broad range of customer care functions that strengthen the customer relationship and add value at every point of contact. Services include:

  • Loyalty inquiries and information
  • Billing and account inquiries
  • Complaint resolution
  • Crisis management
  • Credit/Debit Card charges and recharges
  • Product information
  • Order/rebate management
  • Facilities management
  • Service dispatch and scheduling

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Technical Support

Technical support contacts are critical to customer satisfaction and provide a unique opportunity to build customer loyalty through superior service. When a customer contacts us with a technical problem, our team provides the knowledge, process expertise and personal skills to solve the issue quickly and efficiently, leading to increased satisfaction and customer loyalty.

The IT Service Desk is a multi-channel support group, designed to provide immediate attention, documentation and resolution to technology users in the organization.

As an extension of the IT function of an organization, we take ownership of any technology-related issue, even when escalating, until resolution.

Cultural affinity, language ability and an enhanced level 1 and 2 skill profile provide a unique, high-quality experience supported by world class SLA compliance.

Whether it’s a simple password reset or a highly complex troubleshooting issue, our technical support professionals get the job done. Services include support for:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Connectivity
  • Equipment installation
  • Technician dispatch
  • Help desk management

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Telvista has the expertise to help you maximize marketing and selling efforts and increase overall market share -- ahead of your competition.

Our best practices include knowledge of optimal times for outbound campaigns to secure the best possible results, the implementation of cross-selling and up-selling initiatives on every contact, customer retention and win back campaigns. Our training emphasizes overcoming objections and methods to create empathy with your customers.

Sales services include:

  • Inbound and outbound sales
  • Air, hotel, and travel reservations
  • Order entry and management
  • Membership renewals
  • Customer retention
  • Rebate and loyalty programs
  • Cross-sell and up-sell
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Back Office

Back Office activities typically consume an inordinate amount of time and resources. Telvista assumes the burden of those activities and provides efficient and cost-effective service with quick results. Our best practices include workload management to increase productivity, integration with the front office and alignment with industry trends and analyses.

The Back Office is vital to your customer retention efforts. While we focus on first-level contact resolution, some issues require further evaluation or additional expertise. Being agile and effective is key to maintaining and promoting customer loyalty.

Frost & Sullivan recognized Telvista for innovation and best practices in customer service and CRM solutions. Learn more

The Importance Of Customer Retention


Following acquisition of a customer, we understand the importance of having specific procedures in place to retain that customer if – for whatever reason – that customer considers leaving our client’s services.

We take pride in becoming an intrinsic part of your culture, evaluating your strengths and weaknesses and delivering the right messages to retain your customers.

When you partner with us, our solutions experts immerse themselves in your environment to understand your DNA. During the implementation process, our Quality Assurance and Training departments work with your teams to establish the core knowledge needed to understand your products, services and markets, assess your competition and identify the keys to facilitating the retention process.

Top 8 reasons to Partner with Telvista

Tying customer loyalty to profitability requires an expert partner with the right analytics experience to help you develop a great strategy.

Telvista partnered with one major telecommunications client to improve first transaction resolution (FTR) more than 5% over three months utilizing customer feedback to improve process and performance. The team has sustained this improvement for years and created a total resolution culture customers love.

The first step toward creating a great experience is affinity with your customer. At Telvista, we view every interaction as a relationship-building opportunity. Whether your customers engage with our support professionals in the US or Mexico, they will receive uniformly high quality service from an empathetic team of people who can relate to them.

Collaboration with one wireless telecommunications client to build great relationships one customer at a time resulted in  our client winning 4 consecutive JD Power awards for excellence in customer care with our help.

Your company needs you to do more with less. Telvista will work with you to create an objective aligned partnership that targets metrics that align with achieving your business goals while recognizing budget realities.

One client asked Telvista to develop upsell opportunities within a technical support program with a technology upgrade.  The strategy we created achieved 213% of the upsell sales target for the inbound upgrade program which generated an additional $16M in 2014, $35.4M in 2015 and $9.3M in 1Q2016.

Smart competitors use outsourcing to improve quality, flexibility, and responsiveness. A partnership with Telvista will give you a competitive advantage due to our history and expertise.

Many Telvista clients outsourced for the first time with us because we showed them that our business is built on relationships that create trust.

We are transparent, focused and accountable.

The Telvista approach to build strategic alliances with our clients is illustrated by long successful partnerships, many over 10 years, with clients in Travel, Telecommunications, Retail, Financial Services and others.

The explosion of social media and mobile data access has disrupted customer experience management paradigms. Customer expectations are growing more demanding each day.

Telvista pioneered exceptional social media support with our first two clients, a wireless telecommunications company and a retailer with more than 6,000 stores in 2011.

We understand and embrace the social-preferred consumer as well as the one who vents in social due to frustration with other channels.

At Telvista we provide omnichannel solutions to deliver seamlessly satisfying customer experience.

From global conglomerates to fast-growing start-ups, diverse clients in a variety of industries entrust their customer relationships to Telvista.

Every award-winning Telvista business partnership is focused on achieving real business objectives in addition to driving loyalty and satisfaction.

We are proud of being recognized with the Annual Service Partner Award for Excellence by the global credit card issuer rated #1 in Customer Satisfaction according to J.D. Power & Associates.

Whether your program has 25 people or >1,000 supporting your customers, Telvista will earn your trust every day by collaborating with you to achieve your goals.

Some of our most successful relationships started small and grew to more than 1,000 agents.

In one sales program we increased sales conversion from 25.3% to 31.8% while ramping to a 59% increase in call volume. We have maintained the conversation rate above 30% conversion ever since.

Telvista will manage your customer experience so well that you can pay attention to what matters most –profitability and growth.