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Outbound Call Centers

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Outbound Call Centers: Finding the Right Mix of Tools, Processes and People

Businesses rely on outbound calling to generate sales and drive revenue. While technology can optimize productivity and ensure accuracy, success requires more than the latest tools. A strategic approach that identifies viable offerings, targets relevant audiences and continually analyzes results is essential. The third key ingredient—talent programs that put properly prepared and highly motivated agents on the front lines.

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Call Center Outsourcing for Mid-Sized Organizations

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Call Center Outsourcing for Mid-Sized Organizations

Digital transformation involves the implementation of advanced technology and fundamental organizational change. Ultimately, though, it’s all about the customer. Businesses seek to leverage innovation to identify and engage on an individual level, to gain insight into preferences and habits and to make every interaction positive and impressionable.

An effective call center strategy is essential to achieving this imperative.

Thanks to technology and process innovation, lower costs and competition among providers, call center outsourcing presents an increasingly viable option for smaller enterprises seeking to enhance prospect and customer engagement. As digital transformation redefines how consumers relate to products, services and brands, more and more companies are turning to outsourcing to support their customer acquisition and retention strategies.

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Telvista Sponsors 35th Annual Conference of the IARE

Telvista Sponsors 35th Annual Conference of the IARE

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Technology innovation and workforce trends are transforming the travel sector. Through ongoing participation in the International Association of Reservation Executives (IARE), Telvista contributes to defining solutions to the challenges facing the industry.

The IARE’s 35th Annual Conference, September 15-18 at the Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach, examined a wide range of industry issues. Sessions include “Enhance Loyalty, Attitude & Success by Doing What Winning Teams Do,” which discusses keys to building a “championship team” that can effectively handle adversity and conflict, trust one another, communicate clearly and authentically, and appreciate each other in a positive way.

“Social Technology & Today’s Client,” examines the evolution of chat bots and how leading brands are using technology to mitigate increasing care costs, promote customer engagement and generate revenue

Other sessions examine evolving trends in benchmarking customer interactions, addressing pain points in the reservation process and keys to engaging with a new generation of workers.

The IARE was founded in 1985 by a group of hotel reservation center managers who wanted to exchange ideas and best practices with their peers. In 1993, IARE’s members voted to expand to include representatives from call centers across the travel industry—including airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, riverboats, individual hotels and city convention and visitor bureaus.

The organization’s mission is to continue fostering connections throughout the travel industry by:

  • Facilitating professional development
  • Creating opportunities for mutually beneficial networking and peer relationships
  • Building awareness of operating techniques, products, and services that can help your team contact center run more smoothly

Three Ways to Boost ROI from Tech Investment

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Technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA) and data analytics are redefining call center strategies and operations. But effective approaches require more than a good toolbox. Market maturation calls for advanced call center functionality, smart tools and omnichannel platforms.

In today’s world, the competitive advantage will go to those who can most effectively apply technology to improve business outcomes and enhance the customer experience.

Top-performing call centers leverage people, processes and technology to get the most from their technology investment. Specifically, they use smart leaders and smart tools to: 

  • Optimize the relationship between human and digital labor
  • Develop more effective management and measurement models
  • Continually refine how the business engages with its customers

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We are a Súper Empresa Expansión 2016

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For the tenth consecutive year, Telvista was recognized by Expansión magazine as a Super Company, one of the places where everyone wants to work in Mexico.

An analysis of the award follows the methodology TOP COMPANIES, an international consulting firm specializing in human resources, and it is based on two measurement tools: a questionnaire of 100 questions to answer all company employees and a review and evaluation of policies, practices and procedures of the companies evaluated.

A Super Company is measured by its culture and organizational climate. The first provides leadership, communication, job satisfaction, organizational cohesion and social responsibility. And, second, motivation, impartiality, working conditions, temporary work organization, boosting productivity and compensation.

One of the keys to Telvista has remained a Super Company for 10 consecutive years, it is the alignment of the company and its employees to the business objectives of their clients. The other reason has to do with the effectiveness of their training plans for better performance of employees, a strong competitive advantage of Telvista.


Frost & Sullivan recognized Telvista

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Telvista Receives ‘Frost & Sullivan 2015 GIL 88 Latin American Contact Center and CRM Award’

January 12, 2016.

DALLAS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Telvista, Inc., a leader in contact center solutions in the United States, received the 2015 GIL 88 Latin American Contact Center and CRM Award as a result of recent research conducted by Frost & Sullivan.

Telvista, Inc. is a successful provider of contact center, customer relationship management (CRM), and information technology (IT) solutions. Its centers in the US and its affiliate in Mexico serve both regions in English and Spanish, with accelerated services that focus on helping its customers meet their business objectives.

Telvista earns its top reputation for contact center and CRM solutions through its tight relationship and focus on the customer, and adapting strategies and solutions to fulfill its customers’ needs. All training, consulting, implementation, sales, and IT services are managed by Telvista, Inc., ensuring superlative communication from implementation to management of the new customer solution.

Frost & Sullivan’s global analyst team reviewed thousands of companies throughout the regions over the past decades to identify, analyze, and position these companies as the ones to watch. The GIL 88 is setting new standards in product development, marketing strategy, vision implementation, technology innovation and transformation of the customer experience.

“Receiving this award is a confirmation of our business transformation efforts to provide innovative solutions that leverage technology to increase operational efficiencies and gain competitive advantages for our customers. Telvista’s focus on operational excellence, coupled with a service-oriented culture and extensive IT portfolio, has enabled us to develop integrated solutions that transcend traditional call center approaches and provide a superior customer experience,” explained Jorge Rodriguez, president and CEO of Telvista, Inc.


About Telvista

Since 1997 Telvista has been providing bilingual contact center solutions for companies that want to enhance their customer relationships. Telvista specializes in delivering superior omnichannel customer engagement experience to companies through contact management, IT services, social media services, interactive voice response and others.


About Frost & Sullivan

Frost & Sullivan, the Growth Partnership Company, enables clients to accelerate growth and achieve best-in-class positions in growth, innovation and leadership. Frost & Sullivan leverages more than 50 years of experience in partnering with Global 1000 companies, emerging businesses and the investment community from more than 40 offices on six continents.

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Hitss (Telvista IT) present at the Claro Tech Summit 2015

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Hitss (Telvista IT) present at the Claro Tech Summit 2015

Technology is not the problem why projects fail, it has to do with the culture of business, employee talent, and innovation, so it was said by Gerardo Rodriguez CEO of Hitss (Telvista IT), within the framework of the second version of Claro Tech Summit 2015 in Cartagena – Colombia.

In an increasingly digital physical world, companies must have the ability to decide and detect which innovations take, when to leave or continue with them. Surely it must be assumed a different way of thought where error and risk acceptance is taken as an opportunity to create value as a company.

The introduction of innovations such as the creation of organs, cures to diseases such as cancer, will be part of everyday life in the future. To give viability of these innovations, there are technology triggers, such as Big Data, Cloud and Internet of things.

In addition, according to the vision of America Movil, in a world where 90% of the information that has been generated has been done in the last two years, which makes business become successful is the collaborative culture, retain and attract talent and innovation capacity.

These are the detonators of successful businesses that create the final added value to the customer. "Companies that are not thinking in technology have little future. By contrast they must have the ability to execute to increase productivity, this along with the talent of the developers who think digital and supported by their companies are able to innovate", said Rodriguez.

Companies that take challenges and risks, and understand technology as an enabler of innovation, to deliver memorable experiences, will be increasingly closer to success.

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Telvista to Sponsor IARE 30th ANNUAL CONFERENCE

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Telvista is a Platinum Sponsor of the IARE conference and participates with a presentation "5 Common Sense 'tips' For Using Social Media"

Dallas, TX, September 18th 2015 — Telvista, Inc., a leader in contact center solutions in  the U.S., will be a Platinum-level sponsor of the 30th annual International Association of Reservation Executives (IARE) Conference to be held in San Diego, CA, September 22 – 25, 2015.

Telvista is a premier provider of contact center solutions that drive customer loyalty and create competitive advantage for its clients. The social media program at Telvista is recognized as one of the best in the country with clients in several verticals including Travel and Hospitality with emphasis in building more meaningful relationships with the customers.

“Every social customer interaction delivers an opportunity to do two important things; improve the customer’s experience in real time and improve the way the brand does business leveraging social consumer feedback. When it’s done well, social customer care is your best marketing. This talk is about five common sense tips for using social media to build and grow customer relationships,” expressed Kymberlaine Banks, Social Media Program Manager for Telvista.

Ms. Banks has been with Telvista since 2007 collaborating with clients to develop social media programs that fit their brand and business goals. Telvista social media care teams have contributed to clients receiving awards from Conde Nast Traveler, Travel and Leisure Magazine and JD Power & Associates.

“Telvista brings remarkable experience in Social Media, Guest Relations and Customer Care for the travel industry. We look forward to Ms. Banks presentation”, said Denise Pullen, IARE Conference Committee Co-Chair.

Telvista is privileged to participate in this year conference while the IARE celebrates its 30th anniversary and renews its commitment to deliver services that reveal outstanding innovation and quality.


About Telvista

Since 1997 Telvista has been providing English and Spanish contact center solutions for companies that want more from their customer relationships. Telvista specializes in delivering superior Omni-channel customer experience to Fortune 1000 companies through contact management, social media services, interactive voice response, web-based support, and several others.


About IARE

The International Association of Reservation Executives (IARE) is a non-profit trade association whose worldwide membership includes executives and managers from a variety of companies in the reservations and customer contact travel industry.


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