Telvista Increases Value through Technology

The Challenge

This company came to Telvista looking to increase call center efficiencies and decrease costs. They needed a solution that would also consolidate their operations into one central CRM solution for various help desks, including Maintenance, Enterprise Help Desk, Franchise, Customer Relations, and Loss Prevention.

The Telvista Solution

Telvista used our extensive retail experience, proven expertise handling inbound helpdesk calls, and proficiency in CRM development, to develop a comprehensive solution to improve this retailer’s contact center effectiveness. Telvista began by analyzing the client’s call types, arrival patterns, and workflow processes. We discovered that many of the retailer’s support calls to the Help Desk could be automated through an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and online technologies (rather than full-time employees) to substantially lower labor costs.

Telvista designed an IVR to track case status and workflow completion via Internet-based portals for store-based personnel and the contractors who are dispatched to the retailer’s stores. Telvista also provided the development and administration of the CRM application for the client.

With this comprehensive CRM approach, personnel are now able to perform their tasks more easily and with fewer process steps. They now have the choice of contacting the Help Desk via phone, web, or IVR. This has enabled a reduction of agent staff while increasing the total number of stores supported.

The Bottom Line

Telvista currently handles up to 3,100 calls a day for this retail client. By utilizing our automated CRM technologies, we have provided the client’s retail stores with more avenues of support and reduced costs by:

  • Decreasing the number of calls to the help desk by 8%
  • Increasing the retailer’s monthly online cases to 53.4% of the total cases, thereby reducing incoming calls
  • Turning more than 6,500 calls per month into IVR transactions
  • Reducing the number of FTEs
  • Lowering the cost (per case creation) by 25%
  • In addition, the percentage of abandoned calls has fallen to less than 50% of the client’s goal and reduced wait times for both customers and contractors, while providing more access points to needed information.

    As we have proven with this retail client, Telvista’s experience enables our customers to reduce costs and increase efficiencies within their organizations. Let us show you how we can contribute to the success of your business.

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